Louise Bang and Gui Lessin are artists who take their collaborative work and practice as a life-long commitment: they are two artists working in tandem - side-by-side or alternating - on any given piece. Layer upon successive layer of paint and texture informs each piece with discovered imagery. Allusion to memories - dreamt and lived - often appear, unintentionally. Bang & Lessin’s paintings live as abstract pieces in their own right, anchored in compositional values, infused with variety and surprise. Systematic dialogue peppers the creative process that informs the totality of Bang & Lessin’s praxis.

Bang & Lessin are proponents of the ‘open atelier’ concept in which the artist’s studio is placed at the center of the hands-on approach to the making of artwork. Their studio is open to the public, inviting dialogue, the creative exchange of information and critical scrutiny.

Throughout their careers Bang & Lessin have presented and sold their work directly from the studio to art lovers, believing in the empowerment of the artist and the importance of witnessing a work of art from the artist’s personal perspective. Collectors include individuals and organizations throughout the world who have either found Bang & Lessin online or visited one of their open studios.

Bang & Lessin began their careers in the New York City of the Eighties, where they first met; Europe - France - became their subsequent area of activity. Today, they work out of their new, open studio in Sjællands Odde, Denmark. The duo believes in an art that is at the service of society as well as a practice that is respectful of the environment in which we live.

Bang & Lessin stand by works that are executed with archival attention, using the best quality materials available at the time. All creations by Bang & Lessin are original and one-of-a-kind.

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Bang & Lessin (photo). Brick Lane, London, UK. © José Tio