Louise Bang and Gui Lessin are artists who take their collaborative work and practice as a life-long commitment: they are two artists often working side-by-side as a singular unit.

Bang & Lessin are proponents of the ‘open atelier’ concept in which the artist’s studio is placed at the center of the hands-on approach to the making of artwork. Their two studios are open to the public, inviting aesthetic dialogue, the creative exchange of information and critical scrutiny.

Bang & Lessin began their careers in the New York City of the Eighties, where they first met: Europe has been their subsequent base of activity. Today, they work out of their summer studio in Saint-Paul de Vence, France and winter studio in Miami Beach, Florida. The duo believes in an art that is at the service of society, as well as a practice that is respectful of the environment in which we live.

Bang & Lessin stand by works that are executed with archival attention, using the best quality materials available. All creations at Bang & Lessin Art are original and strictly one-of-a-kind.

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Bang & Lessin (photo). Brick Lane, London, UK. © José Tio